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Manipulation Under Anesthesia Mua

For over 40 years Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) has been well documented as a clinically effective method to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions. Dr. Chuck McCabe is a licensed physician who has specialized training and certification to specifically perform manipulation under anesthesia in a surgical center. A team approach is required to have a safe and successful outcome. The team includes the Anesthesiologist and two physicians certified in MUA who perform the manipulation. Dr. Chuck McCabe is certified to do MUA procedures through Texas Chiropractic College. Physicians certified in MUA are being invited by hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and pain management groups to join their organizations to better serve the needs of patients with chronic conditions.

Case Studies

  1. Patients that had back pain for a minimum of 10 years reported an 87% recovery rate after MUA (1987 with Ongly et al).

  2. 51% of patients with unrelieved symptoms after conservative care had been exhausted reported good to excellent results three years post MUA (Donald Chrisman, MD).

  3. 71% of 723 MUA patients had good results (return to normal activity relatively symptom free) and 25.3% had fair results (return to normal activity with slight residuals) after manipulation under anesthesia, which was also found able to restore flexibility, elasticity and range of motion (Bradford and Siehl).


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  • "Due to severe pain in my lower back and shooting down my right leg, I went to Dr. Charles McCabe for treatment. Dr. McCabe gave me a treatment to align my spine with his special instrument and professional and outstanding care. I was so pleased when my pain went away within days. I now go to Dr. McCabe for treatment every time I feel a twinge in my back so the pain stays away."
    Nancy A. Lebid, RN